meet WAVEplus

Be able to boost your remote fan engagement through our video-driven app.
Excel your fan connections with direct monetization and sponsorintegrations!

Waveplus is a unique dataplatform that allows you to communicate with your fans through video. Giving you actionable insights and "return on engagement"

what is WAVEplus?

Our unique platform will enable you as a club moderate your video content and fan behavior.

While fans can direct interact over curated call-to-actions.

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how does it work?

Our unique "connector" is used to connect all your datapoints and
give you actionable insights on how to communicate with your fans.

Discover the mobile app for true fan engagement experience over personal video feeds / all driven and moderated
through the club+ backend to unlock all data-potentials

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Vertical videoreels at the top of your fans fingers, curated by you and suggested based on their behavior to create a highly personalized and exclusive experience



Your fans, your connections, your data but with our intelligent service we let you accelerate your relationships



Based on your call-to-actions you can activate your fan-engement towards additional revenue, sales in own and partnershops. But also measure your sponsor connections and create extra membershipsstreams

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The app will create hyper personal connections and create a fan-centralized experience

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